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Every server, router and login you use to browse the Internet can be traced back to you. Users like to think they’re anonymous behind a monitor in the privacy of their homes, but in fact, the Internet has never been anonymous. While you can’t ever be completely anonymous, you can use methods to hide your personal IP address and shield yourself from basic trackback measures.

VPS has been around for several years, but it was historically expensive and used only by enterprise businesses. With the introduction of cloud computing, VPS has become cheaper and affordable for the home user. Virtual…

Any kinds of proxies help you to get access to the online information anonymously. This is so obvious to raise a question on your mind that, If any proxies help to hide the user’s information, then why different people demand different proxies like datacenter proxies or residential proxies?

In a simple answer, not all the users’ objectives are the same. Some users want to get access to the restricted websites like Netflix, Youtube, adult websites.

Some users want to keep their real IP confidential so that browsed websites cannot get any user’s footprint.

Let me clarify a little bit more…

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